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Just 5 short days to go before I end my whole 30, and let me tell you I cannot WAIT to dig into a piece of turtle cheesecake. Or a brownie. Even a GF brownie will do! We’ve also planned a little work “last day” party which is bound to involve all sorts of terrible treats (spinach dip, chocolate chip cookies, pecan tarts…to name a few) but I know that this one day/afternoon will not have ruined my whole 30. Yes, I will not feel very well after eating all that, but that will only be reinforcement to get back on the wagon. Right? I plan to stay gluten-free/grain-free but on the more relaxed end of things, eat a little sugar here and there, and basically the only thing I need dairy for is coffee! So that’s not so bad! Legumes I don’t really care if I never eat again, while I used to like them (chili, hummus, pea soup) I don’t miss them in the slightest. And i WILL be eating my mothers stuffing at Thanksgiving dinner, you can bet on that!

Today I was treated to dinner by Stacy who brought spaghetti squash and sauce, some mashed cauliflower, and coleslaw!! Thanks friend! I was craving a little “something” after work so I made these bad boys and I don’t know that I have ever had something so tasty! Just a perfect little treat for late night munchies or breakfast, even. Love!