28 and 29

Let me just say that travelling and the whole 30 aren’t really friends. But I knew that, right? You can only eat so much trail mix in one weekend…and besides, travelling for me is so much about food: finding new restaurants, trying new food, DESSERT, and the whole 30 is so not about that. So, steak and broccoli it was! Our hotel actually had EGGS and BACON at their continental breakfast, so that was a bonus! (Even though I had made and brought my own sweet potato/carrot pancake things just in case I needed to eat on the go before my exam!) The second day I had a gluten free cookie from an awesome farmers market in Helena (it was worth it!) and a chai latte (with milk! gasp!) and my salad for lunch had corn and black beans. For shame! And you know what? I’m okay with that. I am happy that I did this whole 30 (even with my little cheats) and I am happy with my progress and the small changes in my body. And I am happy that later today I will be eating tasty and sinful treats with the girls at work. (FULL of gluten! And dairy! And processed ingredients!) I’m bringing maple pecan bars.

Ya, you can be jealous!

Stay tuned for a wrap-up post on my whole 30! Measurements, photos and all!


Day 27 Already, and Not a Moment Too Soon!

Another couple days of the whole 30 completed! Posting every day has become tedious, every two days is much more manageable. Things aren’t changing much this stage of the game, and nearly everything I’ve eaten, I’ve eaten before so its not very exciting! Ive been continuing to skip lunch because I never feel hungry around noon. I usually get the first little twinges of hunger around 2, and snack on a piece of fruit or some nuts and then make myself some supper! This is kind of handy not having to eat all the time, I gotta say. It saves me having to eat out and decide what to eat and be frustrated when I can only order an expensive slab of meat with some mediocre veggies. So thats good. I usually still eat eggs for breakfast, and the past couple of days I have made some sweet potato hash with some crumbled italian sausage and a fried egg or two. Very tasty! Today I had parsnip hash with eggs, just to mix things up. Also tasty.

I had a wonderful yoga class last night which really helped me to change my attitude! It was about telling yourself you can, you will, you are strong, as opposed to “I can’t, I’m weak”.  And I decided that I need to do more of that in my life! Staying positive is so important – especially in these upcoming winter months where I never see the sun and tend to get a touch of SAD. Its easy to forget that we have so much power in our minds, and so much ability to change the way we see the world.

5 more!


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Just 5 short days to go before I end my whole 30, and let me tell you I cannot WAIT to dig into a piece of turtle cheesecake. Or a brownie. Even a GF brownie will do! We’ve also planned a little work “last day” party which is bound to involve all sorts of terrible treats (spinach dip, chocolate chip cookies, pecan tarts…to name a few) but I know that this one day/afternoon will not have ruined my whole 30. Yes, I will not feel very well after eating all that, but that will only be reinforcement to get back on the wagon. Right? I plan to stay gluten-free/grain-free but on the more relaxed end of things, eat a little sugar here and there, and basically the only thing I need dairy for is coffee! So that’s not so bad! Legumes I don’t really care if I never eat again, while I used to like them (chili, hummus, pea soup) I don’t miss them in the slightest. And i WILL be eating my mothers stuffing at Thanksgiving dinner, you can bet on that!

Today I was treated to dinner by Stacy who brought spaghetti squash and sauce, some mashed cauliflower, and coleslaw!! Thanks friend! I was craving a little “something” after work so I made these bad boys and I don’t know that I have ever had something so tasty! Just a perfect little treat for late night munchies or breakfast, even. Love!


Twenty two and three!


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Well! Here I am posting from my fancy new iPhone! How exciting!! The last two days have been tedious in that I feel like I have done so well in my whole 30 goals so far that I definitely deserve a big chocolate bar, piece of turtle cheesecake and a giant bowl of salty buttery popcorn.
What? That’s not how this works? Sucky. So, a mere 7 days to go to finish this bad boy! I can’t in good conscience eat those things yet as I know I will be mad at myself for not doing it. Yesterday I checked out our local farmers market with a friend and pawned off some of my homegrown tomatoes! I have more than I could ever possibly eat and it felt good to share! I had fried eggs and side pork (which I will tell you is a VERY poor substitute for bacon) for breaky, then studied for a bit and had a late lunch of paleo eggs Benny! Because I ruined it the other day and had to make it again. It was Matt’s sisters birthday so we headed out for dinner where I behaved myself and ate chipotle chicken with mango salsa with two sides of veggies, no rice. Today I made a delightful pseudo porridge of fried bananas, toasted pecans and coconut milk. Tasted awesome and filling too! Snacked on some mixed nuts this aft and then made that pástelon I had sitting in the freezer….it turned out AMAZING!! We’re now relaxing on the couch playing with our new phones and contemplating a smoothie. Life is good!

Day 21


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I ruined my paleo eggs benny yesterday by overcooking the hollandaise. Tip: don’t do that, it really ruins the hollandaise experience!! I managed to get through breakfast and head to another acupuncture appointment which was SO awesome and relaxing (although I now have a bruise at one of the puncture sites? That hasn’t happened before, is it significant?) and I studied my little buns off for the next 5 hours at a quaint little coffee shop/restaurant downtown! I decided to eat lunch there (so as not to interrupt the studying) and got a burger (sans buns) with sweet potato fries. Could I have made a better choice? Yes, I could have eaten a boring old salad, but daaaaaaamn those fries were tasty!! The chipotle aiolo I “cheated” with was also delicious!!


As much as I try and try, I cannot become a salad lover. I can eat salad, and even enjoy salad, but never, will I ever “crave” salad. I love the concept of salad, but it just isn’t as satisfying as a good old chunk of meat and some roasted veggies.

More and more I am noticing restaurants are aware of gluten intolerance/Celiac disease and are offering more gluten free options – this is awesome, especially considering where we live! (Ultra Conservative Southern Alberta) This coffee shop offered house-made gluten free bread substitution for their sandwiches for 50 cents. Not bad!! I will try it after my whole 30!

We had a BBQ for our soccer team last night, and knowing I didn’t want another bunless-burger, Stacy and I made steak kebabs! And they were oh-so fabulous we ate them all! I did give a pepper to Matt. How kind of me! I snacked on a few mixed nuts around the fire. All in all a great day, but so ready for this strict eating regimen to be over! I would like the freedom to eat a little sugar, or have a little dairy. Everything in moderation, right?

Eight more days!!



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Where has the time gone?! I’ve been working day shifts, that’s where. I have a lot more freedom on nights in some ways! These last few days, with the end of the whole 30 looming in the distance, have been hard! Stacy said it best when she said “I thought this would get easier as we went on, but it’s actually getting harder” which is so strange! Now more than ever I really want a chocolate bar, or something sweet, or one of those smile cookies Tim Hortons was selling as a benefit to some charity…..it would be so easy to say to myself “Self, you have already DONE 20 days of this, so why not just eat that yummy snack??” But then I know if I don’t do this for 30 days I will be bummed that I gave in. Especially when I’ve come so far! So, no cheats for me, as easy as it would be. I had an acupuncture session and an intense yoga session and those are both helping to decrease my stress and anxiety about this upcoming exam. The weekend will be full of studying, studying, farmers market, and more studying. Then back to work for 3 more days….

I’ve been eating well and staying full, and snacking on mixed nuts (with salt!) to help that little bit of dizziness I’ve been having. No further episodes yet! I’m wondering if the dizzy spell had anything to do with the large amount of caffeine I ingested on Monday which made me feel like I was having heart palpitations and major anxiety! Yikes!

Some eats from the past few days: cinnamon pork chops, steak, zucchini/carrot “pasta” with avocado sauce, tortilla soup, and my new FAVE: Eggs Benedict (sans English muffin) with homemade paleo hollandaise!! OMG SOO delicious!!! Try it…soon!!

Day 17: I enjoyed it a latte, thankyouverymuch.


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So, I had a coffee. An americano with heavy cream and cinnamon. It was delightful, as I expected it to be. And I don’t feel bad. And this is why:

I made a choice to eat a food that I know is not the best choice for my body, I enjoyed it, and I will live with the consequences (if any). And then I moved on. This brings us back to the basic tenets of this whole 30: you choose what you stuff in your face. And how you feel/look/perform is a result of that poor/good choice. It is all about bringing awareness to your eating habits. Being mindful and purposeful and even methodical about what you are going to eat and how it will affect you. If you choose to eat that greasy-nasty-burger/cake/pie/donut/other craving, you better damn well sit down in a place free of distractions (TV, cell phone, kids..etc) and enjoy that damn burger. Your body knows it’s not worth the trouble, so you better enjoy the taste because that may be the only redeeming quality it has.

Eating this way can really free a lot of people from the guilt of “cheating” (and resulting depressive feelings and subsequent binging to drown the sorrows…vicious cycle hey?). You put the focus back on yourself, and take responsibility for your actions, and the result has ultimately been very empowering.

How has the whole 30 changed your relationship with food?

(Is it possible to have side effects from the whole 30? My blood pressure seems to be in the tank – was playing volleyball today and became quite dizzy a few times! I used to have low BP as a child…maybe I should increase my salt intake? Perhaps its because I worked nights and am more fatigued than usual? Has this happened to anyone else?)

Bargaining: a stage of grief


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I do not feel like blogging. I am bored and don’t want to do anything. But I said I would so here goes:

I have a lot of studying to do tomorrow for a big expensive exam coming up and I want your permission to drink a Starbucks americano with heavy cream.

PLEASE!!! Please!!! It’s not so bad, is it? Heavy cream, low lactose, you know? All that jazz? I won’t even put sugar in it! Just cinnamon! It will really help my day get into a good groove after night shift. Also tomorrow night I have 3 hours of volleyball. And would prefer to be awake for that.

Pretty please?

Halfway point!


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Wow! What a great 15 days it’s been. Fifteen long-ish days without grains, legumes, dairy, or added sugar and I feel: good. Not amazing, or full of boundless energy, but good. I am sleeping well, I feel like my skin has cleared up, Im pooping well (TMI?), I didn’t feel very sluggish on nights last night, my clothes are a little looser…and that’s about all I’ve noted so far! So, overall, pretty good! I am curious to see what re-adding dairy will be like on day 31 and beyond. I am pretty sure I will stay gluten-free/wheat-free(it’s not worth the bowel issues) but eat the occasional grain like rice or corn (popcorn, to be specific).

Right now I’m munching on some leftover pumpkin soup from yesterday and some crab cakes I whipped up, slathered in homemade mayo (Thanks, Melissa!). I used the rest of that roasted chicken to make tortilla soup which should be super tasty for work tonight topped with some fresh sliced avocado. I plan to make a smoothie before work (avocado, kale, strawberries and blueberries), I’ve got Moroccan spiced salmon in the oven for tonight or tomorrow, and an apple delight for breakfast. Life is good!

How is your whole30 shaping up? What do you wish was happening? What have YOU been eating?